MMA workout is a one hour low-impact cardio workout that includes techniques from Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, and modern MMA.

Student can expect continuous cardio output guaranteed to shed those unwanted pounds. A motivating instructor moves the class through an effective hour of jump rope, shadow box, bag work, and conditioning. This fast paced, high energy class is an excellent way to get in fighting shape with little to no contact. The instructors at Fearless Fighting realize that not everyone wants to go through the rigors of training for a boxing, kickboxing or MMA fight and don’t appreciate black eyes or broken noses. Because of this, we have designed a class called Fearless Fit. Fearless Fit is a circuit training class that includes many different exercises designed to increase strength, cardiovascular conditioning and overall fitness. This class requires no experience or prior training and accommodates all fitness levels. Fearless Fit classes are one hour in length and are packed full of unique, intense exercises.

What does a foundation based upon Mixed Martial Arts have to offer that other exercise programs do not?

Find out by reading: The Exercise Benefits of MMA

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