The Way” system began early on in the 70’s. Rodrigo was a student of Washing Ru Karate, Shotikan Karate and Tae Kwon Do. All of which he was competing in sanctioned tournaments and winning easily. While his father taught in the south Bronx NYC, Rodrigo found himself in several altercations. Rodrigo realized at an early age all of what he had studied with its strict katas and fancy high kicks were useless on the streets. Feeling frustrated he began his search for a more applicable style of street self defense. He would there first meet his most valued instructor, Mosses Powell. Professor Powell taught Rodrigo in the discipline of Jui Jitsu, from there it revolutionized his fighting style. Later Rodrigo would study Shaolin Gung Fu in Ithaca, under Sifu Maurice Haltmon, boxing out of Albany at the Adirondack boxing club, Muay Thai out of Thailand and Arizona where Fairtex first entered the US. Later he would come under the instruction of Professor Florendso Viscitation, the Master and teacher to Mosses Powel, and later professor David James. It was through these various forms of combat that Rodrigo would see the value of the forms as well as their weaknesses. Here he would develop his style of Self defense, an unorthodox way with limitless bounds giving a new definition to self defense. Developing this style became his way of life, revolutionizing it became his legacy.

Did you know that aspects of Fearless Fighting Techniques are a Multi-cultural, multi-styled martial art? From Aikido to Wing Chung to Boxing to Judo to Muay Thai to Jiu Jitsu, the tactical response of police departments and the special forces! In real combat, versus any other fighting style, it is virtually unmatched.

By applying leverage in the right amounts and at the right places, the “The Way” practitioner is able to generate tremendous force without using strength. He or She uses the weight and power of his entire body to create leverage. This leverage is then directed towards the weakest areas of his opponent's body. Unlike other arts, “The Way” teaches you techniques that involve close quarter, grappling, and GROUND fighting.

The Way” is an art that has been tested and PASSED on the World Fighting circuits. In the ring of the Strike force, Southern Fight League and street fighting defense tactics. No other art can claim this. It simply works.

The study of The Way lets one reap the benefits of self defense, self perfection, and body enhancement. If you are looking for a change in your life pattern or want to continue on your path for a fit life, we welcome you. The exercise benefits alone could be reason enough to study “The Way.” It is a high intensity anaerobic/aerobic workout which keeps the mind sharp and alert.

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