Exercise Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts - MMA for the non-competitor

MMA provides a multitude of benefits for anyone. Even if you never intend to step foot in an octagon, training like those who do has a variety of physical and mental payoffs guaranteed to reward anyone who puts in ample time and effort.

First and foremost you will find that MMA training is nothing like pedaling on the stationary bike or running on a treadmill. MMA presents a stimulating full body workout and a scope of demand that incorporates every energy system in the body to a degree matched by few other sports in the world.  The speed, power, and strength components of MMA engage both the body’s anaerobic energy system as well as its aerobic energy system on multiple levels. This type of intensity simultaneously improves musculature as well as cardiovascular endurance and overall capacity. Furthermore, the associated caloric expenditure far exceeds that of more traditional aerobic training methods that target only a few, or even a single, muscle system and fail to engage the body’s anaerobic system to any degree.

The intensity of an aerobic exercise, with regards to its cardiovascular benefits, is defined by the amount of oxygen required to sustain the body in the process. Any muscle involved requires a certain amount of oxygen supplied to it in order to continue to function under any aerobic condition. The more muscles that become involved, the higher the demand for oxygen becomes. An activity that works a limited set of muscles, such as biking which places nearly all of its significant aerobic demand solely on the leg muscles, requires oxygen at a rate that does not exceed the consumption needed to sustain that particular muscle group, and thus the overall aerobic demand is lower than what it would be if the arms were also actively involved such as in running. The degree to which a sport like MMA places both aerobic and anaerobic demand on all of the body’s muscle systems is nearly impossible to exceed as are the benefits of such exercise.

Jogging and biking are great ways to stay fit and healthy but they are comparatively limited in scope in terms of what can be simultaneously accomplished. For example, jogging will foster good cardiovascular health, and slight muscular development in the legs as well as a reduced overall body fat percentage. An MMA style training regimen will develop equal, if not superior, cardiovascular health. Furthermore this type training will develop muscle mass in all of the body’s muscle systems - and to a much greater degree. Not only does MMA place stress on the muscles of the legs, it also targets all of the major muscle systems in the upper body with tremendous emphasis on the abdominals. Developing a leaner physique almost goes without saying. An additional key benefit of MMA training is that it can be very exciting and engaging. Distance running and activities of similar nature are loved their many hardcore enthusiasts and athletes, however, the fact is that many people simply looking to get back into shape or to further their current fitness levels find them to be mentally arduous and sometimes repetitive and un-stimulating. MMA training is a perfect choice for someone seeking an alternative challenging form of exercise.

written by Kyle Barbehenn - NSCA-CPT

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