Fearless Fighting is over 3,500 square feet of pure Martial art and Fitness facility genius. Its located at 2294-B county Home Road, Greenville, NC 27858. The facility has had all of its equipment customized to suit the needs of our various age groups, body types, and experience levels. Fearless Fighting provides its clientele the greatisit in invation and design. The facility has over 2,800 square feet of 2 inch Zebra MMA mats. It has over 25 banana bags (weighted from 115lbs up to 225lbs), 6 double end bags and two fully adjustable speed bags (FF1). For the wing Chun users we have 4 spining steel man dumies, and 2 fully adjustable steel man dumies. There is also the Weight lifting area with all the much needed fundamentals in lifting as well as the finaly tuned developed equipment. The gym is complete with a locker room and shower, something critical when thinking about the cleanliness of a body after grappling. The Fearless Fighting Underground Gym (for the Competitors and Elite level private clients) is 5,000 square feet. In it is the only 24 X24 full MMA regulation size Octagon. this is the same cage used in the Promotional fights hosted by Fearless Fighting Underground. The FFU gym has a inground pool, used for strength and conditioning training as well as aqua therapy for rehabilitation of injuries.FFU also has over 1,500 of 2 inch MMA Zebra mats. the bag rack at FFU holds 30 various training bags (heavy, banana, tear drop, and double end). There is also the 24 X 24 MMA / Boxing ring. What seperates Fearless Fighting and its Fighter facility FFU is not just the elite level of training given by leaders in the Martial Arts comunity or our top trainers who work with some of the bigest names in the UFC. It is the superior expertly designed and crafted equipment our facilities has to offer.

Fearless Fighting is also partnered with Gleason's Gym- The World Famous Gleason's Boxing Gym located at 77 Front Street Brooklyn, NY 11201.  The facility is located right underneath the Brooklyn Bridge and has been the gym of choice for many famous boxing champions such as Muhammad Ali, Joseph Frazier, Larry Holmes, George Forman... the list goes on and on and can be seen in its entirety at http://www.gleasonsgym.net/gleasonsgymHOF.html.  Here is another link that contains a video tour from the owner himself Bruce Silverglade.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=H0sYCc5TeZQ. The 14000 square foot gym is a boxer’s paradise. There are four full size rings, and 10 heavy bags that don’t begin to dominate this space that has concrete floors and blood red walls. There is also an assortment of free weights, stair machines, treadmills, stationary bicycles and customary boxing equipment like speed bags, double end bags and jump ropes.

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