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Fearless Fighting's Wrestling classes in Greenville are designed to get our athletes to perform at top levels. Our skilled and certified instructos have discovered through years of studying the sport that nothing can replace hard work, but it is not only the key to the formula of success. 

Without proper technique, physical conditioning, and nutrition, the majority of work is wasted. Fearless Fighting provides a comprehensive Wrestling program designed to get the most out of each and every individual wrestler.

Learn Effective Grappling & Self-Defense At Fearless Fighting!

Fearless Fighting's Wrestling classes in Greenville are a great way for any Mixed Martial Artist to improve his or her takedowns and takedown defense, to build strength and endurance, and to ultimately build confidence through the ability to dictate where the fight takes place.

On top of a great calorie-torching workout and world-class defense skills, you'll enjoy dozens of benefits when you enroll in Fearless Fighting's Wrestling program. Take a look:

  • Predict your attacker's next move and be prepared with a counter
  • Experience all-day energy and stamina
  • See your day-to-day stress levels plummet
  • Gain concentration and focus that will surprise you
  • Develop eye-catching, chiseled muscles
  • Unwanted weight will disappear and easily stay gone

Fearless Fighting is a Bolt Certified school under Kenny Johnson's Bolt Wrestling system. Kenny Johnson wrestled at the University of Iowa under the legendary coach Dan Gable, and is a premiere Wrestling coach in MMA working with BJ Penn, Anderson Sliva, Jose Aldo, Paul Daley, Lyoto Machida, Antonio Noguiera, and Martial Arts legend, Danny Insonanto. Kenny Johnson is 1 of only 35 coaches in the world to be certified at a USA Wrestling NECP Gold Level.

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