Fearless Fighting Reviews

  • Corey, Fearless Fighting Testimonials

    Great atmosphere, great equipment, great people. Knowledgable staff who really know their stuff. All around awesome place to be.

  • Dayton, Fearless Fighting Testimonials

     Fearless Fighting was the last martial arts gyms I checked out in the area. It was the last because it was all I had to see. Upon walking in I saw the most complete gym in the area by a landslide. Consisting of a boxing ring and hexagon ring with an abundance of bags supplies etc. Surprisingly it also consisted of a cardio and weight training areas also. The gym equipment was top of the line and second to only the highly trained, friendly, accessible staff. Class sizes were small and very organized, containing a mix of high intensity and detailed instructions. The gym is a prime example of style and quality. Blowing any gym around out of the water. Its the mecca, most dominant gym and most importantly a must go to.

  • Anton, Fearless Fighting Testimonials

    There are few times that most of us will ever be able to substantively interact with greatness. I am currently 57, and although a three sport athlete in college, hadn't done anything since graduating 36 years ago (you know, work, family, children, etc.) A friend of mine told me about his experience with the owner of Fearless Fighting, and knowing I was a former Division I wrestler, urged me to talk with Mr. Galvanosi. It was clear Mr. Galvanosi is one of, if not THE greatest mixed martial arts masters in the world. His enthusiasm for learning who I was as an individual, and tailoring our time to push me as hard as possible without breaking me (both physically and spiritually) was something I haven't witnessed before. It is clear Mr. Galvanosi is driven to achieve perfection, but always through evaluation of the effectiveness of his methods. Mr. Galvanosi notes that no two students can be taught the exact same way, and he must continuously check each of our progress. He then adapts his teaching moving forward, to bring each of us as close to greatness as possible. I feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to be instructed in the Fearless Fighting methodology, and lucky to have the opportunity to learn directly from its founder.

  • Ben, Fearless Fighting Testimonials

    I first heard of Fearless Fighting while searching for MMA gyms around Greenville. I trained in MMA all through high school and boxed for ECU my first 2 years there. After going through their website and Facebook, I was amazed at how professional and clean the academy seemed. After taking my first trial class, I was hooked. Rodrigo is the best MMA professor I have ever learned under and his staff of teachers are just as great. They will work on my specific needs with me one on one and I never leave a session disappointing.I am an Infantryman in the National Guard while pursuing my bachelors degree in Political Science as well going into my third year of Army ROTC in order to come out as a 2LT Infantry Officer. Fearless Fighting is the most military friendly establishment I have ever stepped in. The atmosphere of the academy makes me fell like I am a part of a family. Even while going through personal problems, Rodrigo and Fearless Fighting never pushed me away but instead, asked me if there is anything they can do to help. I can't say enough great things about this place.

  • Caryn, Fearless Fighting Testimonials

    The Fearless Fighting facility is the epitome of order and cleanliness. Immediately noticeable, as you walk through the front door is the light scent of citrus and antiseptic. With the ever apparent dangers of Staph and MRSA, it is refreshing to find a gym with standards as high as my own. The facility itself is only surpassed by the professionalism of its staff. Always greeted with a smile, the young ladies at the front desk manage to be friendly and accommodating. The instructors are led by Professor Rodrigo Galvanosi, a living legend in his own right. He has trained Navy Seals, ECU alums such as CJ Wilson and Justin Hardy, and some of the best big name coaches in the business, Kenny Johnson and Jimmy Pedro to name a few. The classes are intense enough to make you sore the next day, but inspiring enough to keep you coming back for more. Fearless Fighting is hands down the best gym/martial arts studio in Greenville!

  • Sam, Fearless Fighting Testimonials

    My name is Sam Lee, and I have little experience in a gym of this caliper. I have been weightlifting for over 2 years now, and I have been looking for something that much more intense than just lifting weights to push me to the next level. At FEARLESS FIGHTING they offer a variety of programs in the martial arts field. My first day was an intense training experience that I have been searching for. The entire staff and trainers are very friendly, and answer any questions you have. I recommend FEARLESS FIGHTING to anyone that is interested in the martial arts programs they offer!

  • Paul, Fearless Fighting Testimonials

    My youngest son (8 y/o) had been asking for some time to get into a 'karate' class...I knew a little about Fearless Fighting, having met Rodrigo (owner) through Greenville little league baseball (kids on same team), so I wanted to go and talk to him...WHAT A WELCOME my son and I received from the moment we walked in the door. They suggested my son come out and check it out a class and see what he thought...well, we have not looked back or second guessed our decision...my youngest son is taking the MMA class for his age group, as well as the soccer conditioning class offered. We were so impressed, we took my oldest son (15) out see Rodrigo, Sal and staff and he is now also taking the soccer conditioning class and will begin MMA classes this week. We always feel welcome..the Fearless Fighting 'family' is always attentive, helpful and, of course, knowledgeable. Most of my dealings (so far) have been with Rodrigo and Sal (one of the trainers) and I can not say enough about these two and everyone else we have met at Fearless. We are excited with the positive changes, already, with our two sons and look forward to working with Fearless for 'years' to come! Thanks Fearless Fighting!!!!

  • Keith, Fearless Fighting Testimonials

     In my search for a training program that offers the ultimate in conditioning and self defense training Professor Rodrigo and his staff are un matched. In just a short time my results are pleasantly surprising. If your goal is to get in shape, relieve stress and learn practical defense skills, this is the place. My daughter, a junior in high school, has joined me at the gym. She loves it. Gives me less anxiety anticipating sending her off next year to college knowing she is attaining practical street wise skills. If you want a "belt", go somewhere else (Been there, done that). If you want results, this is the place. 

  • Javier, Fearless Fighting Testimonials

    I joined fearless about 3 months ago and love it. they kick my a** and everyone else's every time you walk in. It isn't easy, but if it was then they'd be stealing your money. They push you farther than you thought you could go. I was hesitant about going at first, but once I got in there, the instructors took their time teaching me step by step as I went along. Still to this day, if something doesn't look right, they will stop me and work on technique to make sure I am doing it right. 

  • Emmi, Fearless Fighting Testimonials

    As a 25-year-old female Ph.D. student with no former MMA training, I was definitely intimidated when I first started training at Fearless last year.  The gym’s appearance is bad*** to say the least, but the instructors are outstanding and have been the perfect combination of patient and challenging.  I started out with an interest in BJJ, which I had tried out at another gym before following that instructor here, but got addicted to the boxing, muay thai, self-defense, and even wrestling programs at Fearless. 

    No other gym in the area can compete with the boxing (not “fitness” boxing) and muay thai training at Fearless.  The self-defense classes, which are definitely not just for women, are outstanding and offer a mix of practical standing/ground defense and weapons training.  Rodrigo, the owner, has the best credentials you could ask for, and I am still amazed each time I watch him spar or do knife defense training.  There is something for everyone at this gym, no matter your skill level.  There are usually several classes going on at once - MMA striking in the octagon, boxing in the ring, wrestling on the mats, and whoever else is left on the heavy bags or in the Cybex cardio equipment room.  This keeps the classes small so you get very individualized instruction.

    At the risk of sounding cheesy, starting to train at Fearless Fighting was one of the best decisions I have made in my entire adult life.  There is no need to “get in shape” before you start, and I would recommend it to anyone!


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